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Do you ever wonder why people are always talking about exercise? It’s on magazine covers, radio talk shows, television programs, in books, and of course in articles and information you find online. The honest answer is that it’s because physical activity really does change your life. We’re not meant to be sedentary beings; our mind and body are dependent on the effects moving our body has on us.

And, if you’re looking to be more productive in both your business and your personal life, physical activity may be the simple answer you’ve been looking for.

Five Ways Physical Activity Can Increase Your Output

#1 Physical activity gives you more energy. Researchers say expending energy by engaging in regular exercise may pay off with increased energy in the long run. In fact, studies have shown that exercise has a greater effect on energy levels than stimulants. And it doesn’t have to be a 5 mile run or 50 laps in the pool to achieve this increase in energy. Walking can accomplish the energy boost and increase in productivity you’re looking for.

#2 Physical activity helps you feel more positive about yourself. Getting the blood pumping through your veins, filling your lungs with oxygen and feeling your muscles work puts you in tune with your body. It’s invigorating and each step you take, each pound you life, each lap you swim or mile you bike feels like an accomplishment. It helps you create a pattern of success, of controlling your life, health and well-being that translates into your business and personal life.

#3 Physical activity has been shown to produce feel-good hormones. When those hormones are coursing through your body, it’s tough to feel anything less than powerful. You’ll have the positive outlook and confidence you need to push through any task.

#4 Physical activity has been proven to not only reduce stress but to help you, your mind and your body, react better to stress. Stress can cause a huge number of unfortunate side effects including fatigue, insomnia, depression, a weakened immune system, irritability, and a feeling of helplessness. Certainly not productive emotions! Physical activity helps your body react better to stress and actually reduces stress so you’re more productive.

#5 Finally, physical activity means you’re making yourself a priority. It helps you balance your life and a balanced life is a more productive life. Studies have shown that people who take time out of their day to put themselves first, even if it’s only for a workout, are more productive, more successful and happier.

There’s a real reason why physical activity is so highly touted. It’s because it really does work to soothe a number of maladies, both mental and physical. If you’re lacking energy and feeling unproductive, try adding a bit of exercise to your daily routine.